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Diary of a Diva - July 21st

Just returned from a very hot rehearsal! We practised outside, tried to find cool pockets in the rooms to sing in - but it was just plain hot! It really effects your energy levels but Ally is very clever at getting you to do stuff that you wouldn't actually do in this heat for anyone else!

We have another new song that we are learning - we seem to have a new song on the go all the time so our minds are never far from humming a tune. I have been singing it religiously all the way to work - 45 minute trip - and on the way home too! And it's now in mind has finally absorbed and retained the music and words....I still can't quite understand how so many words and music stay within my little brain which struggles on a daily basis to even remember where my car keys are!

Summer holidays approach and the Divas are doing the same as most women in the country - trying to get beach ready! We are frantically trying to do those last few weeks of dieting and we are really ramping up the circuit training every Saturday morning! We jump, leap and squat like Spanish fleas .....and then go for breakfast together. A healthy one of course!

Til next time.....and remember keep singing!