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Diary of a Diva - Thursday August 4th

What a great rehearsal! I think the holiday season has gripped us all - the young honorary Divas were with us again and we had visitors! We had Marisa and her friend from New Zealand and we had Kal who represented a band that we are planning to team up with for a concert next year.

So we sang through some of our repertoire and then worked on a couple of our new songs. What an enjoyable time we all had. The excitement we get when we sing is infectious - my face hurts from smiling so much!

Ooh nearly forgot that we had another new potential Diva come for her first audition - Shannon. I have recently been invited to be a section leader so it was the first time that I was involved in the audition process. The Music Team are so lovely and between them and Ally any newcomers are so encouraged and supported. So yes she passed! - how fantastic to have another young woman wanting to join us. Now what sort of a comment is that - I think I am feeling about 95 years today as I have been working really hard and long hours...Not helped by the fact that folk at work have realised that I am old enough to be their mother! I feel I am ageing well.......if I don't pump myself up nobody else will!! I have noticed though that even though I feel aged I am more active than most people .......not even going to add 'of my age'.....! I have also crossed more stuff off my bucket list than some - and much of this is due to having been a Diva for the past 9 years. I have had more excitement than late night talk show hosts when Donald Trump announced he was running for president!!

And there is going to be much more excitement next year as it is our 10th Anniversary year and we are planning SO MANY FUN EVENTS! So make sure you keep in touch as we really want our friends to celebrate this precious milestone with us.

Til next time.....and remember keep singing!