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Diary of a Diva - Thursday July 28th

My day started at 06:00 this morning and this evening came and quite honestly my body was quite inclined towards the sofa. But after a 15 minute turnaround it is amazing how you can crank some sort of action out of a tired body!

Ally on the other hand was raring to go! And did we go! I feel like I've been through a mental gymnasium! My head was aching before hand but amazingly it is now clear! My aching body for some reason feels ...........still achy to be honest! But I feel energised and have now got my second wind - hence why I am doing this blog at 23:30 hours! The power of singing is truly amazing!

I can never get over the fact that a group of busy, really tired women can come together on a Thursday evening and forget everything but each other. The outside world doesn't even feature in our thoughts as we strive to improve our performance and fine tune the songs we have learnt in the week. The power of song is only overtaken by... the power of cake ....which we always end our evenings with! Yes we are shallow but it tastes wonderful! Especially to those of us that are still trying to get beach ready! I bought the first bikini for years this week - have been laughingly joking that I hope when I lie on the beach the crowds don't gather and pour water on me whilst trying to get me back into the sea before I die!!!

Joking apart we had a great rehearsal - even had another potential new Diva Elaine who passed her first audition. Ooh its so exciting as nearly at full capacity! Also we had a few visitors including some girls from another chorus and 3 of our honorary Divas......... our junior Divas totally rocked it!

Til next time.....and remember keep singing!