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Thursday 15th September - Diary of a Diva

Thursday 15th September


Tonight we had an energetic, fun filled rehearsal! We always do but tonight the Divas were on fire!

  • Cindy Hansen, our performance coach from USA was in town. We always find her an absolute delight to work with and she energises us with her ideas and positivity.

  • We are getting prepared for our 2 concerts in the next 6 days. We are performing at 'Proms In The Park' at Beeston on Saturday which will be a first for us. Let's hope that the weather stays as balmy. Please join us if you can.

  • We are also really excited about hosting the 'Red Rose City Chorus' from USA. They are all landing on Friday and doing a tour of Edinburgh, Liverpool and are coming to Derbyshire on Wednesday 21st. They are all staying with a Diva and we are performing together at a special concert at The Whitworth that evening at 7.30pm. It should be a really great evening so please come and support us.

I was at a training day today and we were talking about people who 'had presence'. Ally, our musical director sprang into my mind. She is such a presence in our chorus that to be honest we are 'putty in her hands'. We all believe in the Divas and she is at the heart of that belief......and she is also very funny and keeps us all amused with her Allyisms - words which make no sense! Thats why we enjoy performing as we know that whether we are outdoors singing at a Proms, singing in a service station or at a concert with a packed audience THE DIVAS WILL DO A GREAT JOB! We even did a fairly cracking job sat outside 'The Fishpond' pub in Matlock bath tonight after rehearsal!

Til next time and remember..............keep singing!