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Diary of a Diva - October 6th

Thursday 6th October

A short blog tonight as only just got home was pub night! We decided at the beginning of the year that socialising together is a major part of why we can so successfully sing together. Friends singing together sound better! So every Thursday we end rehearsal at 9.35pm and have at least half an hour having a cup of tea together......and of course cake! The Divas love cake!

But on the 1st Thursday of the month we all agreed it had to be pub night! We go to the Fishpond in Matlock Bath who are extremely accommodating to a rush of over excitable women arriving for drinks quite late on in their evening! And of course we sing! We have such a huge repertoire now but we sneaked in our current favourite - One Day Like This. Elbow made it famous but I tell you what ...the Divas have made it their own and it sounds fabulous! Add to that the fact that we all LOVE IT and it makes for a happy time all round!

I wasn't at Divas last week as I was in Bridlington with my Mum and Dad. They couldn't understand why at 7.30pm on the Thursday my legs stood me up and I stood with my feet apart, shoulders back, chest out and smiling at the TV! Divas is a way of life not just a hobby!

Til next time and remember...............keep singing!!