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Diary of a Diva - 15th November

Tuesday 15th November

We have had a busy time - enjoyable times though as with our Diva friends!

November 6th - the Divas appeared at Derby Theatre as part of the Limelight Charity Gala Evening. It was a really interesting evening full of great performers and........poodles! It was a late appearance and we didn't get home until 11pm ish! I for one struggled to catch up all week - is that a sign of old age??

We really enjoy fundraising for charities - next year is our 10th Anniversary year and we have many exciting plans afoot. I urge anyone involved with charities to keep an eye on our website for exciting opportunities! Ooh intriguing eh?

November 10th - oh my - Cindy Hansen our American coach came over! We had to be very careful to concentrate on the choreography and not discuss politics!!

Yes the Divas are starting to dance again! As we have recently reformed a lot of our chorus have never danced and sung before. Even those of us that have been in Divas for years forget how hard it is to dance and sing - a bit like that party trick of rubbing your stomach and patting your head! Add into that add the mix of the comedy duo of Cindy and Ally and we had an evening of great hilarity.

The Divas are competing in Spain next April and this is the dance that we were evolving! All I can say is that if you thought our Las Vegas set was ambitious then think again! Watch this space as I will report how we get on each week!

November 12th - it was the anniversary of DaleDiva - 9 years since we formed. I am one of the original Divas and I can still remember the open evening that I attended in November all those years ago. Since then I have been on an emotional roller coaster and have experienced life as I would never have done without DaleDiva. For that I will always be grateful to Ally for enriching my life beyond my wildest dreams.

And so to celebrate we had a sing along Grease party! We laughed so much at each other and the outfits we had donned and sang to all those fantastic songs.

A fitting celebration for DALEDIVA - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Here's to a momentous 2017!!!