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Watch our silver medal winning performance in Las Vegas

Video courtesy of Sweet Adelines International

Thursday August 11th

I have now broken up from Divas for 3 weeks! Wow! I'm not sure whether to sigh with the relief that my little brain can relax for a while without songs twirling through it - or be distraught that I won't see the Divas for a while.

Lots of errors in those few sentences:

  • The rest of the Divas are meeting next week prior to their 2 weeks holidays - no Diva rehearsals on Thursday 25th August or Thursday September 1st. I am skiving off a week early as going to Skiathos for a week of sun and relaxation!

  • My little brain won't be allowed to relax as Ally has already given us a song to learn in the holidays. We are going to sing a song together with the American chorus that is joining us for a concert on Wednesday 21st September so not got much time to learn it!

  • And I will see lots of Divas in the 'Diva holiday' period as ....they are my friends!!

So the blog is taking a holiday - not a long one tonight as I need to get my suitcase packed, my legs shaved ready for the beach, and that last 12 inches off my waist!

Have a good break from us and see you all in September!

Til next time......and remember Keep Singing!!

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